Product Application Videos

The NEW High Performance IBEX EZY TRIM system is designed to deliver a balance of enhanced durability, power and the greatest freedom of flexibility and minimal components, all while reducing costs.  The EZY TRIM system is tailor made for longevity while maintaining the cutting-edge performance.

Salmon Trimming 2
Salmon Trimming 1
IBEX Pork Fat Trimming
IBEX Pork Fat Trimming with Depth Guage
Salmon Trimming Bloodline 35 Conical
IBEX Cold Fat Removal
IBEX Spinal Cord Removal – Vacuum Suction
IBEX Strip Loin Bone Removal
Back Bone Trimming
IBEX Chicken Leg Deboning
IBEX Trimming Systems Product Application
IBEX Beef Internal Hot Fat Trimming
Pork Application
IBEX Pork Fat Trimming
IBEX Trimming Systems – Bone Trimming
IBEX Rib Bone Trimming
Coming soon.
Model: FRT-A
Model: FRT-MF
Model: FRT-S
Model: FRS Minityer
Coming soon.
Lamb Fat Vacuum Suction
Beef Fat Vacuum Suction
Lamb Gland & Fat Removal – Vacuum Suction
Coming soon.
Bobet B-SHARP Knife Sharpener
Coming soon.

Service & Delivery

IBEX prides itself on its customer service. With the unpredictable nature of the industry, IBEX’s policy is to ensure that we can supply the right product at the right price immediately. We have invested heavily to ensure that we are able to deliver the product to you when you need it the most.

Combined with our own manufactured products, our agency lines ensure we are a one stop shop for our customers’ production needs.

Brands that IBEX distributes in New Zealand, include:

Contact IBEX to find out how we can work together, to meet your specific needs.

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