Our Quality Commitment

At IBEX we maintain stringent control and standards in production and adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Ibex Industries is committed to providing a quality product and service in all its business activities. It invests in equipment, process, people, and ideas to ensure this is achieved.

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In addition to the ISO qualification Ibex has adopted the philosophy of continuous improvement along with process improvement to bring to market products the customers want and need.

For example, with the Ibex bandsaw blades this is our commitment:

IBEX supply only the best range of Bandsaw blades; the combination of state-of-the-art computer-controlled welding technology and a dedicated workforce enables IBEX to supply the industry’s strongest blades with the sharpest teeth.

IBEX Bandsaw blades are produced:

    • Consistent, identical product, manufactured through state-of-the-art production technology.
    • With greater tooth sharpness through patented grinding techniques.
    • Made of high-quality steel creates a longer blade life.
    • Onsite using welding equipment which allows IBEX to guarantee the blade welds.

IBEX hold inventory of Bandsaw blades to ensure quick and prompt delivery times for customers irrespective of order quantity, to minimise the risk of downtime. In our 35+ year history Ibex are proud to say: “we have never stopped our customer’s production.”

    • Large stock levels allow Ibex to fill orders for next day deliveries, reducing the risk of downtime.
    • A wide selection of all blade variations ensures individual processing demands at each plant are able to be met.
    • Same day dispatch capability and 48 hour delivery New Zealand wide.
Customer Service

With IBEX’s product expertise and industry knowledge, each plant will benefit from an urgent troubleshooting capacity and strong product support if required, an approach which is reflected by IBEX client base of long serving customers.

    • Staff with exceptional product expertise resulting in express technical help.
    • IBEX technicians can visit the plant to resolve any issues promptly and provide regular service calls.
    • IBEX can offer specific solutions. Just ask.

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